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Deliver company news
and information to screens
and desktops across an organisation

From conference rooms, training suites and offices to lobby
welcome screens and demonstration facilities, MediaStar
enables you to distribute incoming news, company
presentations and training material directly to your staff
and visiting customers. You have precise control over who
views what, where and when, allowing you to create
a consistent message and a better informed business.

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Stream live match coverage
throughout a stadium…

From corporate hospitality suites to signage
in concessions and walkways, sporting venues
can display a wide range of content and messages,
precisely targeting specific areas and audiences.
MediaStar enhances the visitor experience, creates
additional revenue streams and gives sponsors
a more attentive audience.

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Distribute financial news
or world events to financial
trading rooms in real time

In banks, dealing rooms and trading floors, having
access to up-to-the-minute information is crucial.
Mediastar allows immediate access to news channels
and client-generated content such as analysts’ briefings
so traders always know the latest news
and market positions.

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Deliver educational content
and signage to screens across
schools and universities

From classrooms and lecture theatres to signage
in accommodation blocks and campus facilities,
educational establishments need a wide variety
of display screens. MediaStar can provide controlled
content to each screen across an entire site, delivering
a rich variety of educational resources to staff and students.

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Deliver content via in store
signage – networked
or standalone

Whether they have one outlet or a multinational chain,
retailers need to provide tailored messaging and
promotions to their target market and customers.
MediaStar can distribute promotional content across
the full range of signage, from a single self-managed
screen through to a centrally managed national
screen retail network.

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Send targeted messages to patients
and healthcare professionals across
one or many sites

From providing TV for patients and visitors in rooms, wards and waiting
areas through to delivering targeted content for healthcare professionals
in labs and treatment rooms, today’s medical facilities need to support
a diversity of displays and signage screens. MediaStar provides controlled
content delivery, making both medical and entertainment media available
to patients and staff across the entire site.

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We understand that customers have diverse and distinct needs, depending on their business sector, display technology and the range of content they need to deliver.

Whether to a crowd in a sports stadium or meeting in the boardroom, instant access to visual information is now crucial. MediaStar from Cabletime lets you distribute this content reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.

From individual signage screens in retail outlets, corporate multi site systems or dramatic, large scale displays in stadia and arenas - MediaStar delivers up-to-the-minute content with ultimate versatility and pinpoint targeting.

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Come see Cabletime’s integrated IPTV, Digital Signage, Video on Demand and Media Management system in action.

Cabletime staff members will be on hand to answer questions.

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MediaStar Interactive Video On Demand

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