MediaStar Advanced Replacement

What is Advanced Replacement?

MediaStar Advanced Replacement (AR) is a no quibble hardware replacement program that provides ongoing peace of mind and practical support to ensure system and service continuity. If a malfunction occurs you have immediate access to our experts and if hardware is determined to be the cause we will endeavour to dispatch a like model to you on the same working day. This means that Cabletime will send you a replacement unit as soon as a fault has been diagnosed by our Customer Support Department (CSD), and you won’t have to wait for the faulty unit to be repaired.

How does AR work? At initial purchase you can elect to add AR cover for each individual item of MediaStar equipment for up to three years. In the event that you experience a MediaStar hardware malfunction or failure during that time, a replacement unit will be promptly dispatched to you. Please see policy details below.

MediaStar Advanced Replacement (AR) Policy

  • Cabletime will work with the customer via email or telephone to try and diagnose and resolve any issues. The customer must provide the equipment serial numbers to confirm that the AR warranty is still active.
  • Once the customer has carried out all the requested diagnostic procedures, and Cabletime are satisfied that the problem is not caused by environmental or local network conditions, Cabletime will issue an Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) number and ship 'AR equipment' to the customer. We will aim to do this on the same working day but within 3 working days of the original problem report (except where there are significant delays in obtaining customer feedback). 
  • Before shipment of equipment, the customer must agree to pay the full (current) MRP for the replacement equipment if the malfunction of the original customer equipment is later found to be the result of mechanical, electrical or other abuse disallowed under Standard Product Warranty Conditions, or if the original customer equipment is not received by Cabletime.
  • Replacement equipment will be shipped to a customer designated address by a reputable carrier, in a timely manner. Cabletime will not be responsible for any customs or other shipping delays, howsoever caused.
  • Once replacement equipment reaches site Cabletime will assist the customer to get the equipment working in their system with telephone and email support. If the replacement equipment does not solve the original problem, then the customer will have the option to pay for a site visit to try and resolve the issue if they have no other service agreement in place with Cabletime.
  • The customer must send all equipment for which replacements have been received, back to Cabletime (via a reputable courier) to arrive within 15 working days of the new equipment arriving on site. If goods are not received within that time period, then Cabletime will invoice the customer for the replacement equipment that has been dispatched and the customer will pay the invoice within 30 days. All goods in transit must be suitably insured against loss or damage.
  • All equipment received back from the customer will be inspected and tested. Where equipment is deemed to have been subject to mechanical, electrical or other abuse not covered under standard warranty conditions, the customer will be notified and will be invoiced for the replacement equipment.
  • 'AR equipment' may not necessarily be new, and may have minor cosmetic imperfections. It will be functionally similar or superior to the equipment it replaces, and it will 'inherit' the remaining warranty of the equipment it replaces.
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