From classrooms and lecture theatres to signage in accommodation blocks and campus facilities, educational establishments need a wide variety of display screens to distribute multiple content sources. Where once this required many different systems, schools, universities, colleges and training companies can now benefit from cohesive systems that bring together IPTV, digital signage and live streaming to suit all of their disparate needs.

MediaStar can provide controlled content to each screen across an entire site, capturing and delivering a rich variety of educational resources for staff and students. The system can be centrally controlled with content captured, managed and delivered across the network to any number of screens and desktops in a school, college or university.

We have been servicing the needs of the education sector for many years, deploying a wide range of systems from simple digital signage to display information in primary school corridors, through to extensive IPTV systems that enable a variety of content streams across university campuses.

An example of this is at Louisa County High School in the US state of Virginia. They make good use of televisions in classrooms, monitors in hallways and large projection screens close to the catering areas to deliver live and stored video content which is managed across the school’s IP network via MediaStar Media Manager software. Authorised staff are able to update the system in minutes on the school’s LAN, and it has enabled pupils to create their own ‘in-school’ commercials.

Other educational establishments using MediaStar include Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government and the City University of New York.

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