Whether in a bank, in dealing rooms or across trading floors, having access to up-to-the-minute information can make the difference between a profitable trade or a loss. Being able to monitor market news and major headlines coming through from news aggregators allows decisions to be made rapidly, to track interesting stocks and see prices updated in real-time. Without the ability to assess these quick fluctuations in the market, finance professionals are unable to calculate risk, identify opportunities or ask vital questions.

Which is why banks and dealing rooms subscribe to dedicated news and finance information services, and why they also turn to powerful video and TV streaming solutions such as MediaStar.

Designed to deliver multiple live news channels simultaneously, and provide access to client-generated content such as analysts’ briefings, or internal presentations, MediaStar ensures that traders can be confident that they are on top of the latest news and market positions.

For over 30 years, Cabletime has been providing TV distribution systems to some of the world’s most renowned banks and financial institutions. In addition to delivering news content at a speed that matches the high demands of the dealing room, MediaStar is also utilised to stream content into executive offices, boardrooms and guest receptions.

The finance sector is particularly exacting when it comes to the reliability of live TV and video, demanding high quality, low latency streams and solid-state solutions. MediaStar successfully meets these demands time and time again and it seamlessly scales to support financial institutions as they grow, not just in one location, but across multiple sites and overseas.

Well known financial organisations including Ing Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Canada use MediaStar on a daily basis and in a wide variety of configurations. Because the system can be networked to any number of screens and desktops in a trading or financial environment, organisations are able to plan, target and control the delivery of key information to back and front office audiences.

Cabletime understands the time-critical environment of its financial customers and has built speed and stability into every iteration of the popular MediaStar solution. When every millisecond counts, MediaStar can be relied upon to deliver vital information fast.

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The 780-AV is a powerful, purpose designed and ultra reliable, solid state Digital Media Decoder with an input rendering ...


The MediaStar range of DVB-S LAN-Caster Gateways are a powerful and ultra reliable, solid state "out of ...


The MediaStar range of DVB LAN-Caster Gateways are a powerful and ultra reliable, solid state "out of ...


The MediaStar HD Encoder (785) is a robust solid state standalone unit with MPEG2/H264 and HLS encoding capability and ...


The MediaStar IP Re-Caster provides an efficient and robust way to distribute multiple live IP video streams between multiple ...


​MediaStar handheld Infra-Red / wireless remote control units are compatible with MediaStar 780 and 782 Media Players. They provide all ​ ...

Case Study

Going Digital

How Cabletime helped a multi-billion-dollar privately held financial software, data, and media company by transforming a localized, analogue video system into a global content management solution that could be managed from a single screen.

Our solution included MediaStar Media Manager, our fully integrated content management system, and MediaStar Media Portal, a web-page application that makes accessing that content as straightforward as possible. With the ability to view multiple streams on a single screen, this has significantly reduced the amount of hardware that employees need to have on their desks.

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