MediaStar Media Portal (470 and 477)

Media Portal gives users easy access to the media assets held in a MediaStar System. It is a simple web page created in Media Manager and made available to user’s devices. Portal pages can access Re-Broadcast Streams, Live Streams or iVOD content represented as selectable icons for playback on iOS, Android, Mac and PC platforms. On-screen controls allow the users to pause, play or seek through the media as required.

MediaStar Portal pages are created and managed in Media Manager. You can create and name a new Portal page, drag and drop Live Stream and iVOD content to the page then publish it for users to access from their iOS and Android devices or Macs and PCs.

Portal pages can be customised with your own corporate logos and backgrounds. When the page is ready, publishing is a two click process with the page automatically created on Media Manager and available to users.

Images can be used to represent content as familiar icons on Portal pages. This allows users to easily navigate a Portal page and select the content they need. If a graphic icon is not available a default icon representing the type of content will be used.

Once a user has selected content from the Portal page, on-screen controls will be available appropriate to the content. On iOS devices Live Streams can be paused with users able to navigate backwards and forwards. How far back they can rewind is defined on the Live Stream server.

PC users will need to use Internet Explorer to view Portal page content, although it does not need to be the default browser. The first time a user clicks on Portal content an Active-X player will be downloaded from the Media Manager. No other PC installation is required.  Mac OS X users are offered a DMG application for installation or for incorporation into a corporate package distribution.

The MediaStar Portal page is licensed on a cost per seat/device basis. Additional licenses can be purchased as required and are cumulative. Please see the options below.

Key Features //

  • Media Portal pages are an easy way to provide one click access to MediaStar Live Stream and iVod content from all iOS, Android, OS X and PC platforms
  • Live Stream and iVOD content can be controlled via pause/play/skip on-screen controls
  • Create content for a portal page by dragging media to the page. Publish and it is immediately available to users
  • Multiple portal pages can be created each supporting brand using backgrounds and header logos for teams, departments or key staff
  • On first access Internet Explorer downloads the Media Portal Player and immediately begins playing content
  • A search function is available when large numbers of media are available on a page

Options //

  • 470-10 - MediaStar Evolution Media Portal Viewer Software License for 10 Clients/Devices
  • 470-20 - MediaStar Evolution Media Portal Viewer Software License for 20 Clients/Devices
  • 470-50 - MediaStar Evolution Media Portal Viewer Software License for 50 Clients/Devices
  • 470-100 - MediaStar Evolution Media Portal Viewer Software License for 100 Clients/Devices
  • 470-200 - MediaStar Evolution Media Portal Viewer Software License for 200 Clients/Devices
  • 477-10 - MediaStar Mac OS X Viewer Software License for 10 Clients
  • 477-20 - MediaStar Mac OS X Viewer Software License for 20 Clients
  • 477-50 - MediaStar Mac OS X Viewer Software License for 50 Clients


Client OS/browser requirements

  • iOS v4 onwards, Safari browsers
  • Android v4.2 Jellybean onwards, Chrome and Firefox v27 browsers
  • Windows 7 onwards, Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • MAC OS X Yosemite 10.10 onwards, native application
  • Javascript must be enabled on all device types
Some of our clients
  • Arsenal
  • BBC
  • BMW
  • BP
  • Coca Cola
  • Freshfields
  • Google
  • GSK
  • Home Office
  • IET
  • ING Bank
  • King & Woods
  • MOD
  • Pfizer
  • Premier League
  • Prudential
  • PWC
  • RBC
  • RBS
  • Rio Tinto
  • Sainsbury's
  • Thales
  • Unilever
  • Virgin Active
  • WB