MediaStar IR Blaster Module (911-4153)

The IR Blaster module can be connected to MediaStar Encoders and LAN-Casters and then attached to co-located IR controlled headend source devices. This enables IR commands to be passed back to the headend source device from any display screen equipped with a MediaStar Media Decoder.

MediaStar Media Decoders can distinguish between their own infra red commands and those received from third party IR devices. This enables these IR commands to be passed back through the IP network to the MediaStar Media Encoders and LAN-Caster Media Gateways and then on to the source device, using the IR Blaster Module, for example a satellite receiver or DVD player.

The exact routing path can be determined in a number of ways. It can be locked between two specific devices, for example a single Media Decoder at a screen and a specific encoder identified by its IP address.

Alternatively, it can be set in a dynamic mode, where the IR signals are routed back to the headend device (Encoder or LAN-Caster) transmitting the channel being viewed at that time.

Key Features //

  • IR Blaster fitted with 2.0M cable
  • 3.5mm 4 pole jack plug
  • Adjustable Infra Red power output
  • Covers 30, 33, 36, 38, 40, and 56KHz IR modulation frequencies


Options //

  • 911-4153 - MediaStar Evolution IR Blaster Module

Products //

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