MediaStar IR & wireless remote control units (710-IR, 710-IR-W, 711-IR-W & wireless receiver 712-W)

MediaStar handheld Infra-Red / wireless remote control units are compatible with MediaStar 780 and 782 Media Players. They provide all basic control functions as well as keyboard / mouse and Wand capability to support web browsers and HTML interactive applications.

Local viewer control of MediaStar Media Players at the screen can be achieved using IR and IR / wireless handsets (Parts 710-IR, 710-IR-W and 711-IR-W).

These provide all the commands to support MediaStar functionality such as channel selection, channel up / down, volume and mute as well as multiple audio channel selection.

In addition, when used with the MediaStar iVOD and distributed iVOD options, all pause, play, skip-on and stop functions are made available.

Both the 711-IR-W and 710-IR-W handsets are supplied with a USB wireless receiver (Part 712) for installation to a MediaStar 782 Media Player and enabling its receiving capability. This allows the handset’s alpha numeric keyboard and mouse to drive web browsers and interactive HTML applications.

The choice of handset is dependent upon user requirement and the Media Player’s supported capability and function:

710-IR is for use with both the 780 and 782 Media Players and offers infra-red control to support all standard MediaStar functionality. 

710-IR-W is for use with the 782 Media Player only and combines both IR and wireless functionality to support both standard MediaStar functionality and alpha-numeric keyboard and mouse capability.

711-IR-W is as the 710-IR-W, but offers a simpler key layout with a Point and Click “Wand” facility for use with interactive web pages and HTML applications.

What's in the box

710-IR, 710 Handset only;    710-IR-W, 710 Handset & 712-W USB wireless receiver;    711-IR-W, 711 Handset & 712-W USB wireless receiver.    All units are supplied with batteries.

Key Features //

  • Full Alpha-numeric keyboard and mouse capability
  • Point and Click "Wand" function for interactive URLs and HTML applications 
  • IR Range up to 8m, 26ft.
  • Both Infra-Red and Zigbee wireless support
  • Unit supplied complete with batteries 

Options //

  • 710-IR - MediaStar Infra-Red Remote Control Handset for use with 780 & 782 Media Player
  • 710-IR-W - MediaStar Infra-Red / Wireless Remote Control Handset & USB Wireless Receiver for use with 782 Media Player
  • 711-IR-W - MediaStar Infra-Red / Wireless Remote Control Handset & USB Wireless Receiver with "Wand" capability for use with 782 Media Player
  • 712-W - MediaStar USB Wireless Receiver for use with 782 Media Players



  • Infra-Red  38Khz modulated
  • Infra-Red SA3004 signalling
  • RF  ZigBee RF 4CE


  • 8m;   26ft   (All Models)


  • 2 X CR2032 Batteries  (710-IR, 710-IR-W)
  • 4 X AAA Batteries        (711-IR-W)


  • 117g;   4.1oz;   (710-IR, 710-IR-W)
  • 135g;   4.7oz;   (711-IR-W)


  • W 4.6   H 19.5   D 1.5cm;    W 1.8   H 7.6   D 0.6 inches     (710-IR, 710-IR-W)
  • W 4.9   H 16.5   D 1.7cm;    W 1.9   H 6.5   D 0.6 inches      (711-IR-W)  


  • Operating temperature 0 - 40°C; 32 - 104°F 


  • CE



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