MediaStar DVB-T/T2/C LAN-Caster Gateway for Digital Terrestrial/CATV Re-Broadcast over IP (783)

The MediaStar range of DVB LAN-Caster Gateways are a powerful and ultra reliable, solid state "out of the box" solution for Digital Terrestrial and CATV reception. When used with Mediastar DVB-S satellite LAN-Casters and MPEG encoders, this solution will meet your entire IP Television Headend and Digital Media encoding and distribution requirements.

The MediaStar LAN-Caster streams live Digital Terrestrial or CATV and Radio channels such as news, sport and entertainment directly onto your IP network.

The unit is a 'hot swappable' blade that easily fits into a MediaStar Powered Chassis (Part 770) which has a capacity for up to nine units.

When connected to a DVB-T/T2 aerial or DVB-C cable signal the LAN-Caster can stream up to 15 channels of TV and Radio from an RF multiplex to any PCs using the MediaStar Media Portal (Part 470) or video screens equipped with MediaStar Digital Media Decoder (Part 780).

Where the incoming transmissions are encrypted, a PCMCIA slot located securely within the rear of the unit allows for the insertion of a CI CAM module with its subscription card.

Initial configuration and stream setup using a laptop or tablet can be via the built in web server with its advanced web UI or by simply using the front panel buttons and LCD status display.

Alternatively, multiple units within a system can be networked under the control of the MediaStar Media Manager software (Part 462).

Front panel RS 232 and USB Comms connectors allow local connectivity and can also be utilised to pass IP command signals generated by remotely located Touch Screens and management systems, for control of headend located RS232 devices.

Twin Infra red blasters enable IR commands from 3rd party RCUs to be passed back from any display screen equipped with a MediaStar Media Decoder (Part 780) to the 783 for the control of other headend located IR devices.

Software upgrade options enable very cost effective initial system implementation with future proofed T2 (HD), DVB-C and or CAM capability available when needed using software enablement codes and with no hardware change.

This coupled with maintenance free operation, small physical size and low power consumption make the 783 ideally suited for both large scale distributed applications or simple single unit deployments.

What's in the box?

783 DVB Lan-Caster Unit; Quick Start Guide; RJ45 Patch Cable 2.0m; Type F to F loop thru cable.

Key Features //

  • Supports both SD & HDTV transmissions (DVB-T, T2 and C)
  • PCMCIA CI CAM Slot for multiple channel decryption
  • Auto configuration with MediaStar Media Manager Software
  • Compact, Up to 9 Units in 3RU
  • Delivers up to 15 channels of TV and Radio from a DVB-T/T2/C multiplex
  • IP command pass through and IR Routing support
  • Easy software upgrade path - T to T2, Non CAM to CAM operation.
  • Low power consumption (7W)

Options //

  • 783-TC - MediaStar Evolution LAN-Caster Blade, Single DVB-T or DVB-C Multiplex
  • 783-TC-CI - MediaStar Evolution LAN-Caster Blade, Single DVB-T or DVB-C Multiplex, Common Interface
  • 783-T2C - MediaStar Evolution LAN-Caster Blade, Single DVB-T2 or DVB-C Multiplex
  • 783-T2C-CI - MediaStar Evolution LAN-Caster Blade, Single DVB-T2 or DVB-C Multiplex, Common Interface


RF Input:

  • RF input of Digital terrestrial or Cable Television (DVB-T/T2/C) TV and radio channels via a 75ohm type F female connector

RF Frequency range:

  • 45 to 866 MHz

RF Input level:

  • DVB-T/T2: 12 to 95 dBµV (100 KHz RBW)
  • DVB-C:      28 to 97 dBµV (100 KHz RBW)

RF loop-through:

  • F type female connector (75 Ohms), 0dB gain, 50dbµV maximum RF input level when using loopthrough to 8 additional MediaStar DVB-T/T2 LAN-Caster units. RF loopthrough should not be used in DVB-C installations.

CAM Support:

  • CI CAM modules supported with all common decryption standards (Irdeto, Viaccess, Conax, Nagravision etc.)
  • Single and professional multi-channel CAMs supported
  • PCMCIA connector, 5V and 3V CAMs supported


  • RJ45 802.3 10/100 Base-T Auto MDIX
  • Static or DHCP IP Address
  • DSCP stream tagging for QoS

Network Protocols:


USB Comms:

  • USB 1.1 Serial Comms for external configuration and or control

RS232 Port:

  • Rx, Tx, CTS, RTS up to 11,5200 Baud Configured for SIPI external configuration/control OR IP to RS232 bidirectional pass through for external device control

Infra-Red Blasters:

  • 2 separate outputs supporting Sky, Sky+, SkyHD IR formats with web page or IP command remote activation.
  • Remote IP command generates any IR remote control keypress
  • 30 - 56 KHz modulated IR waveforms supported

Unit configuration:

  • Via On board web server using laptop or tablet
  • Via front panel buttons and LCD status display
  • Remotely using MediaStar Media Manager software

Control Interface:

  • RS232, USB 1.1 serial interface
  • Telnet for third part connectivity via TCP control such as touch panel interfaces

External IP control interface:

  • ASCII Command/configuration via IP interface
  • USB comms and RS232 comms interfaces


  • Enablement code to upgrade from DVB-T to DVB-T +T2
  • Enablement code to upgrade from non CAM to CAM support
  • Enablement code to upgrade from non DVB-C to DVB-C support
  • Upgrades in-situ, with no hardware change required


  • Fully upgradable ONLY with protected Cabletime software from an HTTP server

SAP Announcements:

  • SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) notification of IP streams

Temperature Monitoring:

  • Unit operating temperature available remotely via web interface

Event Monitoring:

  • Key operating functions reported via SNMP or Syslog traps sent to third party SNMP manager (MIB available on request)
  • Automatic e-mail of Event log files via external SMTP server


  • 7 W (from 770 rack)


  • 375 g


  • 129 x 41 x 225 mm, occupies 1 (of 9) 770 rack slot


  • 0° - 40°C, 32° - 104°F (770 rack ambient)


  • FCC, CE, CB, TUV Approved
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