Repair Returns and RMAs

If something goes wrong...

Despite exacting design criteria and stringent controls at our manufacturing plant, sometimes products in the field will fail and require repair or refurbishment. The Company operates a dedicated service centre at its premises offering fixed cost repairs and prompt turnaround so that you can keep your MediaStar system in “as new” condition at all times. To take advantage of this and when you need to return goods to Cabletime for repair, we ask customers to follow the Return Materials Authorisation (RMA) process that is described in this document.

This process is intended to make it easy for customers or resellers to get MediaStar equipment repaired and back into service as quickly as possible. We aim to give you a clear understanding of any charges that might apply, to keep you informed about the progress of your repair and get it efficiently returned to you.

We provide you with a single point of contact for any enquiries that you may have while your goods are being repaired.

The RMA Process

1.1 Initial fault identification

When you think you have a problem with your MediaStar equipment, your first call should be to the reseller who installed the equipment or the company who you currently have a support contract with. They are likely to already know the details of your system and will have been trained in how to configure and use MediaStar systems. If you can’t get things resolved with your reseller, then you can contact the Cabletime Customer Support Department (CSD) directly, using the [email protected] email address.

Our CSD guys won’t know the particulars of your system, but they will be experts in MediaStar equipment and will be fully up to date with the latest system functionality. They also have wide experience of diagnosing network problems on customer systems and can give general advice if necessary. If you do have a really tricky problem that our CSD guys are unsure about, then they can escalate your query to the MediaStar engineering team itself. These are the guys who designed the system, wrote the software and designed all the hardware – so they do know the answers!

When the CSD team have identified a problem with a particular piece of your equipment, they will then pass the case onto the RMA team, who will be responsible for helping you get the equipment back to Cabletime for repair and returned to service as soon as possible.

In installations where the MediaStar system is business critical, customers can buy an Advanced Replacement plan from Cabletime. This means that Cabletime will send you a replacement unit as soon as a fault has been diagnosed by our CSD, and you won’t have to wait for the faulty unit to be repaired. Please email [email protected] for more details.

If you are a reseller, then you will have your own trained staff who have already done their own fault diagnosis. You may then want to return MediaStar units to Cabletime for repair.

1.2 Contact Cabletime for a RMA number

When you have established you need to return a unit for repair, your first course of action is to request a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) code from Cabletime. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Number of units
  • MediaStar Part numbers
  • Serial Numbers
  • Brief fault description for each unit
  • Return Contact Name and shipping address (with any shipping authorisation code)

You will then be emailed back a RMA form that has all these details entered, and it will show whether the units are covered by any warranty agreement, or whether we require a purchase order to pay for the repairs.

If you have any reason to query the cost of the repairs, please do so before you send any equipment to us, and then if necessary we will provide you with a new RMA form with revised prices and a new RMA number.

1.3 Shipping RMA units back to Cabletime

Before you ship any equipment back to Cabletime, you should ensure you have made a note of any critical unit settings. During the repair process the units may have to be reset back to defaults in which case all settings and content will be lost.

Please check all the details on the RMA form, sign a paper copy of the form and sent it with all the items that have been listed in a secure package to Cabletime at the following address:

Cabletime Limited, RMA returns (xxxx) 64 Greenham Road Newbury Berkshire RG14 7HX UK 

where xxxx is the RMA number provided to you for this consignment.

Please ensure the RMA number is clearly marked on the outside of the shipment. Any unidentified packages will be returned to the sender.

When shipping products back to us for RMA repair, please do not ship the accessories i.e. cables, DC power supplies, remote controls unless they are inoperative.

We strongly suggest you use a recognised courier service that can provide a tracking number and a ‘signed–for’ delivery service. Cabletime are not liable for any equipment that does not reach us or that gets damaged in transit.

Where you are shipping from outside the European Community (EU) it is essential that you complete the shipping forms correctly and mark the commercial invoice with ‘goods being temporarily returned for repair’. If this does not happen EU importation charges may be levied by customs and Cabletime will have to charge these back to you before we can commence the repairs.

If we believe any received RMA goods have been damaged in transit, we will advise you immediately.

If we do not receive your RMA goods within 10 working days of when the RMA form was issued, we will email you, in case the goods have been lost in transit.

1.4 Purchase orders for repair costs and return shipping charges

If a purchase order is required to cover the cost of the repairs or their return shipment, the RMA form will clearly state this. You should then raise a company purchase order for the repairs, including the following:

  • The RMA number
  • Your company name
  • Your own purchase order or reference number

Please email a copy of the purchase order to Cabletime [email protected]. Our accounts department may subsequently contact you if any special payment terms apply to your account.

1.5 RMA Notification email and Repair

Once we have received your RMA units and a suitable purchase order (or payment, if necessary), we will begin your RMA repairs. We will send you an email confirming work is underway and it will include the date when you can expect your RMA units to be shipped back to you.

During the repair process it may be necessary to contact you if the reported faults cannot be re-created. If this is necessary, this query will come via the RMA or Cabletime customer support department. If the reported fault cannot be recreated after this, then the units may be declared as No Fault Found (NFF). In this event the original repair charge will still be payable.

If it is not possible to repair the unit, it may be declared as being Beyond Economic Repair (BER). If the unit is under warranty, then you will be given a replacement unit. If the unit is no longer under warranty, then you will be informed that the unit is BER, and you will then be asked whether you would like the unit shipped back to you, or whether you would Cabletime to dispose of it for you. If a unit is declared as being BER, then the repair charge will still apply.

If at any point the RMA repair work has been delayed and we are no longer anticipating shipping your RMA back to you when we have previously specified, we will email you with a revised delivery date which will be as soon as possible.

1.6 Return of Repaired RMA units

Once your units have been repaired we will ship them back to you using your previously specified shipping contact and return delivery address. We will use a recognised courier or we can follow your own shipping arrangements if previously agreed.

We will send you an email confirming dispatch of the goods with a parcel tracking number where available.

If your company account requires attention when we come to ship out RMA units, then the shipping may be deferred until the situation has been cleared with the Cabletime accounts team.

1.7 Additional RMA communications

If you have any queries regarding the processing of RMAs, then you should email the RMA team using the [email protected] email address. A member of the RMA team will get back to you as soon as possible and deal with any queries you may have in a clear and efficient manner.


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