Retailers not only compete with each other to make their physical stores compelling destinations for their customers, they are also competing against the lure of eCommerce websites. Against this backdrop, they need to create a memorable customer experience that will encourage greater footfall, repeat visits, longer dwell times and loyalty to the brand.

It doesn’t matter whether a retailer has one outlet or a multinational chain, they are increasingly looking to provide in-store entertainment, tailored messaging and eye-catching promotions to their target market and customers. MediaStar has the ability not just to distribute promotional content across the full range of signage, from a single self-managed screen through to a centrally managed national screen retail network, it can also deliver bespoke messages to specific screens in specific store locations. This helps retailers to reinforce their messaging depending on where customers are browsing in-store.

The powerful Media Manager software uses a simple drag and click interface to set up parameters and playlists for each and every screen so content is always highly targeted, and it can be updated quickly so customers can be informed about last minute special offers or promotions.

One company that recently took advantage of this facility through our MediaStar solution is the US retail chain, Parkers Convenience Stores. Instead of using employees to travel around its 44 stores to update and upload content for the in-store displays, the company now manages the scheduling, acquisition and delivery of content across its network from one server at its central HQ, saving both time and the cost of travel.

Parkers is just one of many retailers who have been able to take advantage of content control by using MediaStar Media Manager software. However, our Creator digital signage software is also ideal for the retail market, allowing content to be branded to ensure maximum impact.

Other retail customers taking advantage of MediaStar include Sainsburys. 

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