Screenmedia Mag: Rocketing Resolution


Hype or not, 4K is just the start of the ultra-HD bandwagon, says Cabletime CEO Shaun Oxenham.

Just what is all the excitement about 4K? Is it hype, or does a 4K resolution display reveal so much detail that once experienced, anything less will pale by comparison? The jury’s out, and nor does it really matter because 4K will continue to be the standard to which any device with a screen will aspire…until the next level of ultra-high definition comes along.

There is no doubt that in audi-visual circles, 4K screens are the must-have purchases for high end residential installation. The difference in image quality is significant: there’s four times as much detail as with 1080p Full HD. And as a result, the picture, as we plainly see, is clearer, brighter and smoother.

In digital signage and in the ‘absolute quality’ market, such as car showrooms and visitor attractions, there is a compelling reason to upgrade to 4K. The size of display used in this type of installation, typically larger than 50 or 55in, benefits from the higher pixel density of 4K. That means viewers see a picture almost photographic in appearance, with increased colour fidelity and depth.

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Date: 10/12/2015

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