Bath Royal High School

The Royal High School in Bath wanted to be able to share and showcase various activitied, events, productions, trips, results and achievements across the school. The MediaStar system allows a broad range of staff to select and broadcast content to pupils, staff and visitors. 

The Challenge

The Royal High School in Bath, an independent girls’ day and boarding school, was keen to share and showcase various activities, events, productions, trips, results and achievements to pupils, staff and visitors. It was looking for a way to schedule and deliver content to different screens located throughout the building.

The Solution

A MediaStar Evolution system was installed by partner Intevi, and is designed to stream content to seven strategically placed displays around the school with plans to add to the network in the future. The content is topical and relevant to the girls, the teachers, parents and visitors. They can update the girls on their house points, display sports fixtures, recent trips and images or video from drama productions.

The Outcome

The MediaStar system is hosted on a single, powerful sever with ample capacity to increase the levels of content being scheduled and distributed. Although it was initially managed by the IT department, the school can make the content management software accessible to a broader range of staff members. This is important because the school is open to nursery-age, junior, senior and sixth form students, so it is important that content can be scheduled and targeted at a wide age group.

“It must be working because we have had really good feedback from the students. The corridors tend to get quite busy where the screens are located – because the girls are looking at what’s on display.”
Persham Jones, Networking Manager at The Royal High School


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