US Institute of Peace

USIP came to Cabletime looking for a way to stream video and audio to and from all of its meeting rooms in a very tight timeframe, and which would also be expandable. MediaStar Evolution was installed making it very easy to create multiple employee information channels for HR, special events and room scheduling.

The Challenge

The US Institute of Peace in Washington DC is an iconic building and home to the vital work of conflict amelioration, striving to prevent and manage international conflicts with analysis, research, training and field work around the globe.

The Solution

MediaStar Evolution was installed and now controls video displays throughout the USIP facility providing a combination of multichannel IPTV, digital signage, creative and emergency messaging and in-house stream generation from any point within the building using portable encoders. The central MediaStar server also manages the distribution and play-out of over 50 in-house and broadcast TV channels to over 300 individual workstations in the building. This process makes it very easy to create multiple employee information channels for HR, special events and room scheduling. In addition, overflow audiences from the main auditorium and meeting rooms are easily accommodated using portable encoders.

The Outcome

USIP can now deploy streaming, IPTV and signage content, replacing the three different legacy systems in use previously. Being used across the system is MediaStar Media Manager, a powerful software tool that makes content acquisition, management and display of all types of media simple, so that scheduling and accurate display of the appropriate content to the right audience is made certain. The system is mainly used for delivering live news content, but USIP also use it to broadcast important delegate meetings, so they can be accessed by people working at their desks in the facility.



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